How to buy YouTube views?

YouTube is essentially a video search engine. And it is not surprising that he uses a very sophisticated algorithm to show content to viewers.

If you want to get real YouTube views to buy and have your videos appear on the first search pages, uploading constant content is extremely important. On YouTube, users love new videos, and that new content (as well as the latest user activities) is something YouTube takes into consideration when displaying their viewing options in search results.

Watch Time

The “watch time” is also an important factor for the algorithm, since it wants to show in the first search results content that viewers consider pleasant and/or pleasant, so that the high commitment and engagement of users towards a video, is a great signal for the algorithm in the identification of such videos.

But let’s go back a little, what exactly is this watch time?

Multiply your “Views” by its “Average view duration”, and you will get your watch time. However, this makes the metric not as valuable for content creators if viewed from a programming point of view, since it only means a direct result of two other metrics. It is also very difficult to optimize, and you cannot change or optimize your watch time without affecting, changing or optimizing its components.

I guess the metric is great, but it doesn’t make much sense when doing SEO on YouTube, although what is worth paying attention to is one of the metrics that multiply to get it: the average duration of the view.

The average duration of the view is incredibly significant. And it’s basically the time that average people watch their videos. Many experts say that the average duration of the view is the most important metric of all since it directly expresses what viewers want.

It is clear that YouTube is the biggest competition of TV and therefore ads and advertising dollars have to be present. To do it in the best way, Youtube optimizes its promotional video algorithm in the Suggestions and Recommendations section so that videos appear that will keep viewers watching for longer. This is why the average view duration metric is so important.

And as content creators, we have to consider watch time and pursue it if we want to succeed on the platform. But there is a small obstacle when YouTube tells you “watch time” is not necessarily referring to the minutes of viewing (although it is the data that the analytics show you).

What YouTube really means is, how often your videos are attracting viewers and how long they are staying to watch them.

To define that, I present four ghost metrics, which you should keep in mind:

  • Login: means the number of individual sessions that your video created.
  • Session duration: is the total amount of time a person spends on YouTube (not only on your channel or video) and how that time is related to your videos.
  • Session completion is the number of sessions that your video created that is when viewers leave YouTube.
  • Upload frequency: is the number of times you upload videos to YouTube if it is every Tuesday or every Friday. It is very important to define a day for the algorithm to understand.

The biggest challenge is that there is not much public information about these four phantom metrics since they are actually results of A / B tests and experiments that experts have been able to obtain. However, that does not mean that they are not real; it’s just that YouTube is a bit reserved with its algorithm.

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  • The video must be public.
  • Make sure the video/channel has no restrictions.

The visits may take up to 48 hours to appear, and if it is a large order, the shipment will be somewhat slower.

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